Hello Munobal again, I came here to ask if the environment can really affect your training, in terms of the pavement, skates, etc.

Right now, I'm using the side of my apartment to practice, and learn new moves from the lesson videos. As I started skating, I've really noticed how good and bad pavement could affect your skating. I found that skating on flat, smooth surfaces was the ideal, which you all must agree too. The horrible pavement of some old roads really rot away at our wheels don't you think? Well the main say of all this is, what do you think? The area of which I'm practicing now isn't exactly flat, and but the pavement is okay. I could go to the nearby district park (park with basketball courts, fields, indoor basketball courts, etc.) and practice on the outdoor courts (when it's unoccupied of course). The floor is really nice to skate on *w*! Smooth at every stroke. But I'd hate to skate there just to practice.

Another issue would be skates. I'm currently using my brother's old CCMs (which are a little over 10 yrs old but still work great). I don't know the difference between what I have and what I don't, which are slalom skates. So, I've thought about getting them for Christmas/birthday from my parents. At first I was thinking Sebas, but that may be a bit pricey. I heard of them being the top notch brand because of the nice, snug fit. I don't know why the special frames add an extra $100 but I'm not getting that anyways. Just thinking of some brands that I've heard from a few forums around the web. I've found: Seba Fr1, Seba Pro, Freewave, Fusion, and Twister so far, from the comments. Where I live, in Hawaii, it is difficult to spot those brands here because well, skateboards are now pretty much top sellers right? So, the only way to get them is most likely online, so far I've found where to buy Sebas. Ranging from $300 USD up.. The only thing that I'm worried about is my feet. I don't know if they're going to grow another size or not, so I just want to make sure what to get yet. :(

I have questions regarding the different parts of slalom skates and how they affect performance. They include: What size are all the wheels? Do Slalom skates use Rocker or are they all the same size? How do you know what frame size to use? What are the ideal wheels to use? (My area has good pavement, alright pavement, all the way to horrible pavement). Are Slalom skates interchangeable with free skating and slaloming without changing the frame itself?

It would be great for some pro answers! hehe ~ I'm afraid I write essays when I'm asking questions and discussing, for that I apologize for the great wall of text.

You know how water can kill bearings? Just how bad is it on my bearings? My friend told me that mine has some plastic in it, not entirely metal. He also told me that I can wear them out if I skate too long, so maybe I should replace them.. $ $ $ ! Sometimes when I skate, the rain catches me off guard! And it becomes a nightmare to go back home, since the only breaks I currently know how to do is the T-Stop and Stepping in. I'd love to learn how to power slide but it's scary to attempt and with my soft wheels.. it'll easily eat away at them. Which is why I'm thinking of getting medium wheels? like soft and hard. By the way, does the softness of the wheels change the feeling of skating? I always thought that softer wheels made it smoother to ride with. From the experience of riding my razor scooter when I was younger. Now just attempting that little old scooter is just something impossible lol.

The cones.. I just have to get plastic cups and add some weight to it so the wind doesn't blast them away.. got it.

I'm required to wear pads and a helmet.. my mother won't let me skate without them.. >.< they constrict some movement, but I don't know how much I'm losing while wearing them. They're actually just tight and get annoying, but are much more flexible than other pads that I've seen in stores. I use softer pads actually, the pads I've seen at skate stores only have general pads for everything. In fact, they're abnormally bulky to me which is why I got different pads. Maybe if I make videos in the future you can see them XD.

I think I should just create a question list so I'll list them right here:

1. Does pavement, in any way, affect performance?

2. What is your opinion on my skate situation? I currently use CCMs, size 9, I am size 8.5 (US) (yes I know I have small feet, my friend already commented on me about that the other day :(! ). In the future, this Christmas I'm thinking of acquiring slalom skates that hopefully I can keep for a long time, or otherwise until I can purchase another one (If I'm still active in the sport). I'm not sure if my feet is going to keep growing, that I shall ask my pediatrician, otherwise I'm stuck with these CCMs.

3. General questions about Slalom skates and how they work:

     a. What size should all the wheels be?

     b. Do Slalom skates use Rocker too? Or are they supposed to be the same size altogether?

     c. Is there anything that I should know about frame size?

     d. Can I use medium wheels? (Soft and Hard in one)

     e. Can Slalom skates be used for both free skate and slalom without changing the frames?

4. The bearings that I use have both plastic and metal in it or out of it. So should I get new bearings? Or am I good with the ones that I have? (I need to check on the brand again, but I'll get it to you asap). How bad is it to get water on your bearings? Involving the rust that accumulates over time, etc.

5. I currently know how to break in 2 ways, T-Stop and Stepping In. I mostly use T-Stop or at least drag my wheels (it's eating my wheels I can tell from the short hills I bomb with my friend (who uses a skateboard)). What are some other ways that I should learn how to stop with? perhaps learning how to power slide or parallel stop? (I tried to parallel stop at an ice rink but I just haven't gotten it yet).

Bonus question: Was it difficult to read everything? If so I apologize once again. I just wrote down all the questions I have currently stored in my head. Now it seems that I am blank @.@

Thanks for taking your time to read my essa-.. thread!

-Last Fishy

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1. Yes. What u thought is right.


2. Honestly I don't get exactly what CCMs means.



a) If u have a flat frame use this combination. 76mm - 80mm - 80mm -76mm

b) I don't use rockering system. As I mentioned in a) ...  just use 2 size of wheels. 

c) Length of your skate frame should be shorter than the boots.

d) I normally use 83A wheels. But it depends on the surface of ground.

e) Sure, I'm also doing that. Most of the slalom skates is good for free skating as well.


4. You must know that all the bearings always have to be away from water.


5. This is really hard to explain on the web. Sorry. You better get some videos and follow it.


Oh my broken English. I thought that I was having a kinda english test. But don't be sorry about that. It's my pleasure.  emoticon



Last Fishy


Thanks a bunch Muno! I have been revisiting this thread to see any brave souls who would read my essay-like paper lol. And you're English is very good! If I were to translate my thread to English if it were Korean, I wouldn't stand a chance.. well I don't know anything now.. yet. But soon! When I take an after school Korean class, do you think you can tutor me a little? XD



If possible ...   emoticon

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